We are passionate about testing and working with beautiful quality yarns for our projects. Today we discovered this amazing yarn at a local store, My Love Wool Kinds. I was impressed by the color combination and I couldn’t wait to document it, but unfortunately I didn’t find many details on the label or online about the brand, color palettes or composition.

The color I bought is cream with light grey, dark grey and khaki color spots. When knitted or crocheted, it creates these beautiful variegated lines, alternating light grey, dark grey, again light grey and khaki on a cream base. It is easy to work with and the final mélange effect makes it ideal for casual clothes and accessories, maybe cozy blankets.

It is suitable for crocheting or knitting, using 2,5-3,5 needles or crochet. The label mentions we need 28 rows and 22 stitches to create a 10×10 cm square.

I have 6 balls of yarn in this color combination and I plan to create some autumn overalls for my baby boy and maybe some casual shorts for myself. I will keep you updated on the progress for these projects.

Below you have the details I found about this yarn, but feel free to drop a comment about the brand, color palettes or other useful information about this yarn. Also feel free to share projects you created with this wonderful yarn, in this color combination or others.

Brand: My Love

Store: https://www.facebook.com/firdetricotatpovesti, https://firdetricotatpovesti.ro/

Shape: 100g ball

Country/Region of Manufacture: Turkey

Composition: The label doesn’t mention the composition, but at the store it was presented as 100% cotton.

Suitable for: clothes, accessories (bags/purses, gloves/mittens, hats, socks/footwear, scarves), blankets

My Love Wool Kinds