I was searching for yarns while designing a new blouse and I found the beautiful Alize Bella Ombre Batik yarn, 100% cotton.

Alize Bella Ombre Batik is a wonderful natural pure cotton without mercerization, so it does not shine like mercerized cotton, but with the gradient effect it looks chic! It comes in 12 color tones with impeccable gradient, ranging from yellow, brown, shades of green, shades of blue, to orange, pink, red, shades of purple.

Alize Bella Ombre Batik

The cotton is very soft and pleasant to the touch, does not soar, well worn, does not fade, does not stretch and retains its shape and softness after washing.

Alize Bella Ombre Batik yarn is ideal for creating products not only for adults, but also for children, as it consists of pure natural hypoallergenic cotton without impurities.

It is suitable for crocheting or knitting, using 2-4 mm knitting needles or 1-3 mm crochet. The label mentions we need 35 rows and 24 stitches to create a 10×10 cm square.

I was impressed by the perfect gradient of the yarn, which makes it ideal for my project, so I got two cakes in the 7411 shade. While the shade looks somewhat brown-purple in the presentation image, it is more purple-lavender, but still a beautiful combination. It is normal to have slight differences in the color tone / shadow of the website photo and the actual item that we receive, due to the settings of our monitors.

I will keep you updated on the progress of my project, but feel free to drop a comment sharing a project you created with this wonderful yarn, in this shade or others, or details about the brand, colors or other useful information about this yarn.

Here you have a brief description and useful links for Alize Bella Ombre Batik:

Brand: Alize

Collection: Bella Ombre Batik, Autumn / Winter Collection

Stores: Sofyarn, Fir de tricotat povesti

Shape: 250g (8.82 Oz), 900mt (984 yds), cake

Country/Region of Manufacture: Turkey

Composition: 100% cotton

Needles: knitting 2-4 mm, crochet 1-3 mm

Suitable for: clothes, accessories (bags/purses/backpacks, gloves/mittens, hats, socks/footwear, scarves), amigurumi, blankets